Here’s a sampling of the compliments we’ve received from our fantastic patients!

“Your staff is always professional, friendly, and very caring. My son loves coming in for his appointments because he likes you and has a good rapport with you. It also doesn’t hurt that he always seems to run into at least one friend while in your office!” - M.S.

“Again, thank you and your staff for all your hard work, and for making it fun for your patients to go to the orthodontist. I consider myself lucky to have such a wonderful orthodontic office close to my home.” - C.H.

“I chose Smiles Hollywood Orthodontics because the office is more than willing to work with my needs and concerns, whether they be financial, insurance related, or questions about my children’s orthodontics. We came for a consultation and I couldn’t believe it when Dr. Crise said that she could put him in braces at that time, but that it would be better to wait — what a trust-builder!” -C.S.

“Getting children to want braces isn’t tough. Keeping them motivated and happy with them for a couple of years is the real challenge. As a parent of two children in braces at your office, I could not be happier with the enthusiasm my children continue to show over their braces and their appointments.” - T.H.

“Dr. Crise and Dr. Downs and the whole staff were gentle and caring and the office has a fun, ‘with-it’ atmosphere. I particularly like the incentive program with prizes for good brushing and patient cooperation.” - S.O.

“My kids love to go for their orthodontic visits. The office environment is fun and friendly and there are video games and movies to watch.” - R.H.

“We highly recommend Drs. Crise and Downs to anyone who asks us!” - M.C.

“The office is modern and is always neat and clean; the staff is friendly, professional, and responsive; and the doctors are always available to answer my questions.” - A.G.

“As a professional speaker and presenter, my smile is important! My clients and audience focus their attention on my professional appearance, so a bright, healthy smile is important. I chose Dr. Stephanie Crise as my orthodontist for several reasons. She presented herself professionally and credibly at each of my appointments, she maintains a well-organized and efficient office, and she cares personally about her patients. I felt valued and important at every visit! Thank you, Dr. Stephanie!” -T.J.

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